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Full Circle - America The Beautiful...

The Fall of 2014; Throughout the years, Valerie had created and shared Book and / or DVD sets of our trips to Italy in 2005, Austria in 2006, Hungary in 2008 and America's Route 66 in 2009. The Fall of 2014 would be no exception. As before, she would forward a copy of her October 2014 America the Beautiful Book And DVD Set to our new friends. 

She would receive an appreciative response back;

"Hello, Valerie, hello, Anthony and family...We have received the package .... It is a miraculous recollection of a wonderful holiday with you" ... The flag which I have sent is a rare relic of a once existing state, that does not exist anymore".

Though she was the best ambassador anyone could have ever asked for, 2015 would have us making decisions about our future. To do so, we would look back to our first experiences with tragedy.

That time would be in the decade of the 1980's...

Philippi WV; The 1980's

Prologue: Bridgeport, WV 2007: Its been four years now and we couldn't find a law firm to perform an injunction until the developer's engaged plans could be reviewed. Our Consulting Engineer and retired Head of Engineering for Consul Energy had spent a considerable amount of time examining the area and reviewing pertinent records. The Professional would inform us that we were in a tight spot and would be hard-pressed to find an attorney, as they are all "Interconnected". Though public, private and commercial infrastructures would bear the brunt of such a lack, I would consider his term "Interconnected". A term I had heard years earlier...

Philippi WV 1980's; One day, my mother-in-law Carol Marsh appears distracted and I ask her what is wrong. She wishes they never allowed the gas wells to be placed on their farm. I mention the positives of having free gas. It is not that. She mentions attorneys all being "Interconnected", and that I would not understand. She leaves it at that. A few years later, Carol asks me if Valerie and I would take care of her then young son if something happens to her and Richard. I say yes, she is appreciative and walks back inside the house. (Carol Lee Marsh is a religious woman of few words, who possesses a yet realized; Masters Degree in Theology).

It is a cold day in February of 1987; Father-in-law Richard Marsh would later inform us that he was rushing home to go with Carol to Bridgeport. However, he passes her on the road, she smiles and waves. Later in the day, Carol is killed when she is hit head-on while on Route 57 by a much larger car. Carol's small Ford Escort is absolutely destroyed. Our 3 1/2 year old son Daniel survives. We were later informed of what Daniel told the nurses and the hospital staff at Alderson Broaddus. He mentions his grandmother's vocal reaction prior to the accident, along with aspects that led some staff to believe elements of a divine nature intervened. My father-in-law Richard Marsh takes comfort, as he assures us that Daniel would be a preacher some day. (Father-in-law Richard Marsh is a descendent of the original settlers in what would become Barbour County. His grandfather was the well respected Sheriff of Barbour county; John Harvey Marsh).

As with most situations, the Marsh family had to deal with my mother-in-law's funeral preparation. It is then when Funeral Director Johnny Stemple informs us that something is wrong. The Coroner ruled Carol's death from a myocardial infarction and such was not the case. He states that my mother-in-law's chest was crushed by the steering wheel. She was bruised heavily and bled profusely, stating such does not occur if someone dies from a myocardial infarction. Furthermore, the Coroner did not do an autopsy.

Philippi Attorney John Mossesso would later warn me of what attorneys are capable of doing to a family. He wants me to assist - oversee the Marsh family. I refuse. I was 26 years old with three children and my wife just lost her mother. My children had just lost their grandmother. My 3 1/2 year old son just survived the crash that took his grandmother's life. The attorney is insistent. I state that I am not blood. It does not matter to him. I finally agree.

Richard Marsh is asked to meet an investigating police officer at a local restaurant. During this visit, the officer informs Richard that something is not right with the accident. Richard tells the officer to let it go, as it would not bring his wife back. More duress for Richard occurs when he drives off the highway and takes out a telephone pole, sustaining injuries and totaling his truck in the process. He would state that his lunch box slid across the seat and he reached for it.

While Valerie locates her mother's Bachelors Degree and Masters Degree in Theology, I would contact the County Coroner and ask how Carol's cause of death could be ruled as a myocardial infarction (natural causes) without an autopsy. His voice becomes quivery, as he kept repeating over and over "you do not understand". Nevertheless; we would find a Sears credit card charge that turned out to be for an accidental death policy. We would send Allstate Insurance the above Coroner's Certificate of Death, the Funeral Director's Statement and 30 years of Carol's Medical Records. Allstate honors the Accidental Death claim, expeditiously.

Epilogue: Richard Marsh, a well respected career coal miner and excavator, would suffer severe nerve damage to his hands in his later years. Nevertheless, Richard, a small man of determination, became passionately involved in the restoration of over 300 Triple Cross Locations that lined the highways of WV. He manages such with the devotion of his second wife Kathleen and with the use of an easier to hold antiquated phone handset. Valerie would create a Crosses Across America Book for her father. A book he kept near and one he would show many with a follow up question: What Do The Crosses Mean To You?

Life goes on and the years pass...

The 1990's

I will begin with a public gathering. President Clinton's May 22, 1997 visit to Clarksburg, West Virginia. Major and regional news networks were there. Politicians and the crème de la crème were there. I was there, my telecommunications job finished, great food and all I had to do was just sit back and take it all in. Alas, this was not to be, as I would stumble into the middle of abandoned technology peripherals about two minutes before President Clinton was presented. During his initial presentation the President looks over at me and remarks that this is the first Internet Broadcast of a Presidential Town Hall Meeting; The first what? I was thrust into the moment and was absolutely alone, but not for long; An ABC News Correspondent took immediate note and planted herself directly next to me. If something went wrong, I would be blamed. If all went well, only a few would know; not much upside.

Once the Town Hall meeting ended, the news media aggressively shifted their attention to me. Though I waved them off, one lone newscaster stays and asked if the video conferencing equipment was the Internet, (a legitimate question at the time, for the uninitiated). After informing her that it wasn't, she then asked if it could be used for her news report on the Internet. I told her it was fine.


At a time of changing technologies Bell Atlantic / Verizon invested in expanding the horizons a few of their employees in regard to the new tech and governmental style entities that were locating to the Clarksburg - Morgantown, WV I-79 Tech corridor: The area of ordained growth.

Though around $100,000 was invested in me alone, I would spend evenings studying and locating further reference manuals. At home; I would push myself even further.
Chicago; A PHD, (not listed), would inform me that I had broken then Industry records. (An April 8, 1997 then Internet / Intranet Certification. One of Six).

Much Ado


    Educational pursuits, hosted by Learning Tree International and Bellcore / Telcordia Technologies, were peppered over four years in the cities of Philadelphia, Boston, Chicago, Rockville and Silver Springs Maryland, Reston & Tysons Corner Virginia, Lisle Illinois and Toronto Canada. (The left roster provides one example of thirty two specific; forty overall such classes). In this regard; I have provided some illustrations that were reflective of the times; A student at the Reston Town Center in Virginia would compliment a fellow West Virginian's intellect; stating it was an exciting time and great things were coming out of of West Virginia. In time; I would be asked to address other class members (sometimes desperate) questions concerning aspects; relative to the then burgeoning Internet.

In Canada
I would be informed that I was in the the top four percent in the world within my field/s. Hughes Networks would send a large portfolio to my home; I would be told that I was one of the most credentialed persons within Bell Atlantic / Verizon; A headhunter at Tysons Corner would innocuously stress test me, before stating that he never had encountered someone like me, (there were a few others). He started throwing out salaries, as he had clients that wanted me yesterday; I refused. He said he never had someone dedicated so much to a company.I had tenure with Bell / Verizon and was dedicated to West Virginia. As to President's Town Hall Meeting, it would appear that forward thinking Bell Atlantic / Verizon Managers investment in some, led to the right person, in the right place, at the right time. Additionally; During a time of changing technologies, their investment led to networking with Governmental & Private Tech Companies far beyond what Bell / Verizon / Governmental had envisioned. During which time anything that was out of the ordinary was corrected; future perceived problems taken care of quickly.


It was a fulfilling time until
Bell / Verizon aggressively turned their technological innovations away from West Virginia to more lucrative markets. To stay relevant I would have to move from West Virginia; If I didn't, my background would fade, become outdated and forgotten. I stayed.


      Valerie, a traditional stay-at-home Mom while her children were in their formative years, was never one to sit idle. She was a parent volunteer program coordinator at a local village school system for fifteen years.

She coached Special Olympians, (athletics for those that possess some restrictions), for six years. At one point, the government rehabilitated Spelter, WV and took out the Special Olympian's Bocce Court in the process. Valerie was promised a new Bocce Court in either the Clarksburg or Bridgeport WV. When the time came, neither Bridgeport or Clarksburg would allow the Bocce Court in their city. She contacted Daniel, and within short order Maria Shriver’s brother got involved. Valerie was called. It is not a question of if, it was a question of where. Valerie chose Nutterfort Park in Clarksburg. Within days the nicest Bocce Court many had ever seen, was constructed.

A volunteer with the Salvation Army and an Cosmetic Representative for eight years, she also ran her own Nationally recognized Internet Company and was honored with Who's Who of Business Professionals. Valerie would also serve as an Office Administrator at Ameriprise Financial.

Valerie enjoys landscaping, humanity, line dancing, scrap booking and her vintage vehicles.


1999 - The Worm Turns

July of 1999; On the morning of a scheduled back surgery; Neurosurgeon Doctor Black enters my hospital room and informs my wife Valerie and I, that he was no longer practicing medicine as of midnight last night. Neurosurgeon Black then spoke of a Neurosurgeon White and this surgeon's excellence. He further stated that he only wanted Neurosurgeon White to operate on me and was was adamant that I did not go to WVU for surgery. Neurosurgeon Black gave Valerie my records and lateraled me to Neurosurgeon White, who expeditiously performs a very successful discectomy. I go home.

A little over a week later, I have extreme pain to a level never encountered before. We go to UHC and an MRI is taken. I am noted with spinal cord damage. I am transferred by ambulance to Neurosurgeon White for surgery. Neurosurgeon White frustratingly shakes his head. The MRI is wrong. He orders another. My spinal cord was fine. However, I would spend days in the hospital, gritting my teeth in agony. Neurosurgeon White believed my deep spinal trunk muscles had contracted. His treatment plan to correct the condition was stalled by some type of interference.

Tough Times

A primary care would discover that I had acquired a catheter staff infection, which inflamed an internal organ three times its normal size. My muscles contracted in response. A painful reaction to a painful reaction; a surgical complication. However an agent would later notify me of a scheduled second opinion and that he had trouble finding a doctor that would "override" a treating Neurosurgeon. However, one was found in a remote WV town. The agent informs me that it is likely too far for me to travel to in my condition; (the agent wants me to refuse the second opinion). I accept procedures and make the appointment. The doctor criticizes multiple condition and non conditional aspects. His nurse attempts to get him to stop, as he opines a Primary Care and Neurosurgeon White. Said surgeon views their ineptness a result of their inexperience and youth, a tone that neither should be doctors integrates into his disdain for their ethnicities. He overrides Doctor White's treatment plan, stating that I need to go back to work immediately; You're not going to get any better. I go back, peers are taken back, supportive and do all. I do not last long.

A well used colloquial phrase of "It's not Brain Surgery" points to the fact that Neurosurgeons were once considered top tier. That is why the above Agent had so much trouble finding a doctor that would "override" a treating Neurosurgeon. However, it was changing times. In my case, both referring and operative Neurosurgeons were dedicated to their oaths. So much so, both would suffer the barbs of a small country doctor. One Neurosurgeon, overridden by the same. Demeaning aspects that would cast a shadow over my future care and teach other oath driven Neurosurgeons a lesson. They weren't top tier, anymore.


We were dealt a serious blow. Once, which would require painstaking documentation before delving into the medical profession in hopes of reversing the diagnosis of the sincere. Though this unfortunate scenario basically ended by tech career, a Book by Robert Schuller helped.

Members of the local community were aware of this condition, as it resulted in a well documented contorted physical presence, whose pain level and contortion increased as each day progressed Over time, we visited multiple treating facilities where my condition was always diagnosed as irreversible.

However, we eventually found a well regarded Orthopedic Therapist in Pennsylvania who performed a long study of my condition, movements and history. The Diagnosis: The longevity of the condition resulted in one side of shrunken and shortened deep shoulder to trunk muscles that had pulled my right pelvis and shoulder together.

The Orthopedic Therapist stated that the procedure that then treating Neurosurgeon White had ordered would have worked at the acute onset. My then current medical condition was caused by whoever interfered with Neurosurgeon White. The Orthopedic Therapist's rehab plan, along with the team of therapists involved, resulted in months of intense rehabilitation. In the end, I recovered.

* I would attempt to discern the reasons for some of the above mentioned interferences. I located a potential reason on a State of West Virginia website. I notified authorities and a few days later the massive website was removed and a single welcome page with an 800 number was put up in its place. (This pattern would continue throughout the years to come).

    1999- 2001

Lives In Transition; Realities Set In

  We were told that our persistence led to a medically documented miracle that overturned diagnosis's of some of the world's most prestigious institutions. I had given hope to others, some were stunned / speechless. With a new zest on life we gave credit to God, I was given a second chance. Statements that I was not only medically recovered, but held onto everything I had was also a testament to his wife.

As to my career; It involved multiple positions, various degrees of responsibilities and various geographical areas, agencies and institutions. Not so much Metropolitan areas or massive entities, that would be found in Metropolitan areas. As such, I maintained core contacts and whenever I could; I would assist said entities. Always appreciated, especially before problems arose.
In December of 2002, it seems I
catch some off guard when I transfer to Verizon's Engineering Dept. A few months later, I was informed of an egregious error; My corporate records had been destroyed when they were sent to central shredding. A mass retirement of Verizon peers would occur in October of 2003 and I slid quietly into the outside engineering world.

In 2003 a unique opportunity for the State of WV had also dropped in our laps. Whereas, my wife thought of taking all of our past inertias and incorporating it into something wonderful for the State of WV. However, something else seemed to be afoot. Developments were having their legs taken out from under them and agreeable landowners were basically being told to take a hike. Any semblance of the Rule of Law had been negated, the Integrity of Property Rights had been eliminated.

A Western Front Area - Constructed / Overseen by Platinum Properties, Thrasher Engineering & The City of Bridgeport

Bridgeport WV Early 2003; Not long after the medical establishment had pegged me as a documented medical miracle, I had come face to face with a dubious man-made situation of dire consequences. Managers for Thrasher Engineering, Platinum Properties and the City of Bridgeport constructed and / or allowed an adjoining landowner's generational locust post grid fence line to be used as a crucial part in a development's construction. A development managed by Morgantown based Platinum Properties owner's Milan Puskar, Parry Petroplus and Steve Lorentz. The result would be Guaranteed to Fail Constructs, which also housed ill-placed explosive utilities.

The below second and third images illustrate sample areas, whereas an adjoining landowner's locust post grid fence line had been incorporated into a developmental design. A design, that supported a developer's steep loose fill support slope, which in turn supported two buildings and a hodgepodge of explosive underground gas lines and a City's high pressure water line. The developer, Platinum Properties and the City of Bridgeport, would tell us to take a hike. So, we contacted the Department of Environmental Protection...


2003 - The Department of Environmental Protection

The DEP Agent Knew Exactly
where the location was. He had stopped the developer earlier from pushing fill over the trees at the head of the valley, (refer to the first image above). In his own words; "They were going to bring the whole valley down". He then asked; Where are They now? He was told where, and that they had used a locust post grid fence line to support two new buildings and that the roof drains of both buildings. Roof drains, which could not be located. The DEP Agent said there were no laws that would allow him to intervene. He then informed us that our ages made us unique, as what was going to happen in the future, usually occurs to older people after a spouse passes away. As "They" usually wait until such a time as older people do not have the resources to fight. .... It's usually a widow in this position". As such, a documented case is needed so laws could be passed to make sure this does not happen to anyone else in the future. Laws come from Cases. Older people cannot fight. Thus, no Cases to form new laws from. They needed a documented case.

So, I Decided To Honor The Agent's Request & Document All For Posterity...

Governmental & Regulatory

Further inquires, would be handled by those who relayed what their Attorneys had said, or those who simply followed their directives. As time passed, Attorneys would move closer down Governmental and the Regulatory ranks. Though systematic steps and subsequent two year pauses were employed, all appeared a waste of time, as "They" could have engaged a more aggressive approach and no one would have noticed; outside a few Europeans. Nevertheless, we would be informed that these guys could not be fought, as "They" would tie up Ten Years of your life and utterly destroy you. A lesson to others who dare challenge them. A valid point, exhibited by a Petroleum Development Executive, whose exhibited stark palatable fear of Platinum Properties. Odd, I worked for a much larger Verizon and never sensed such corporate fear before.

I wondered; Would we be dealing with a future of legitimate WV Corporations and Governmental entities, or something else altogether?

Diagrams: Platinum Properties, The City of Bridgeport's & Thrasher Engineering's Allowed Lateral Support Area

Reactions & Warnings

By late 2002 to 2003 my notifications to the City were followed by then un-realized Re-zoning Request by Platinum's Rich Lane to one of their soon to be Partners; The City of Bridgeport. A Re-zoning that was expeditiously pushed through by then City representative Attorney Robert Greer. During which time Platinum Properties, The City of Bridgeport and the State of West Virginia would soon consummate a 2003 Multi-Million Dollar Tax Payer Funded Partnership. A Partnership which would fog future liabilities for the massive damages to come.

Soon, Private, Public, Federal and State Properties and Infrastructures would suffer a later discovered
city manager's prophetic city wide warnings, that were attached to the 1996 Thrasher Engineering Plan; (Focal image, above left).

"Encroachment of business activity" --- "Radically Disturb Current Boundaries" --- "Once Boundaries Are Pierced Encroachment Will Be Nearly Impossible To Control."--- "...A Cancerous Effect" ---" "Suburbia - Rapidly Decreasing Property Values"---"Deterioration of our Central Neighborhoods"---"Residential Communities Will Begin to Crumble"---"Should Not Consider Zoning Actions At The Whim Of Any Individual

Realities: 109 & 113 Platinum Drive: Corpening Drive To Ace Hardware

  .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..

Supplemental Video Journals are located at: JourneyWestVirginia.com.

 Cincinnati Insurance Company

I contacted Platinum Properties Insurance Company; Cincinnati Insurance. Their Pennsylvania Agent arrived to look over the area. As he crossed the fence line onto our property, he asked how long we have owned this land; (since 1929). Later, he viewed 109 & 113 Platinum Drive's fence line area from the vantage point of our home area. He responded, Oh No!

2005 Jackson & Kelly - The Agreement

By 2004, I had spoken to a Cincinnati Insurance Company Agent about Platinum Properties reluctance to correct Thrasher Engineering's locust post grid fence line support area. It did not make sense to him either. I informed him that I offered Platinum Properties the use of our property without financial consideration to do so. The Agent stated that Cincinnati Insurance was not going to insure any further developmental endeavors until "They" agreed to fix the area. 

Mason Steele, a 200 Corpening Drive Neighbor & Enraged City of Bridgeport Supervisor, filed a USFS Regulatory Complaint. A meeting would follow at the Law Firm of Jackson & Kelly's in Morgantown, WV. Attorney Eric London for Jackson & Kelly and George Stewart for Cincinnati Insurance attended. George Stewart, the counsel for Cincinnati Insurance, Took The Lead. He spoke about the construction details. They agreed to correct the area, build a support wall and divert the drainage away from us and to the rear of Building B, 109 Platinum Drive. We in turn, engaged for the construction of our new garage. An endeavor, that was stressed to both attorneys, who wished us well, as they shook our hands.

(2) on the right, was my addition to the agreement. It would put Platinum Properties drainage back to its original Southerly Route. The drainage route it had before Platinum Properties rerouted it. (It would save all future headaches).

The Cincinnati Insurance Agent was correct. Platinum Properties and their Insurance Company's Attorney did indeed need an Agreement before they were allowed to topographically consummate their Partnership with the State of WV and the City of Bridgeport, WV. They would in May of 2005...


An Excerpt From The Agreement

May 2005 - Europe & West Virginia

        The construction of our new large car garage was well underway and Valerie and I were on our first trip to Europe. Whereas, we would find ourselves in a restored fifteenth century farmhouse in Tuscany with businessmen and a Vatican historian. West Virginia had been favorably mentioned, and while I wondered about the logistics of managing kindled interest in WV, my young son would call. He was terrified, as "They" (The Partners) were ripping massive virgin trees out by their roots, bonfires, etc. To calm him, I told him I was aware, even though it was the first I'd heard of it. I could only wonder what was going on and consider the "coincidence" of our being out of the country.


The Jackson and Kelly / Cincinnati Insurance Agreement was not honored. Though the then reasons, could not be surmised, we pushed on. We would have our past excursions behind us, our 2007 Hungarian Trip scheduled and our friends were picking up steam in his promotion of West Virginia.

All was reaching a most positive Apex...

2005 - 2006:  Strategic Infrastructure Business Plans

Law Firm Jackson and Kelly's 2005 Fraudulent Agreement allowed Platinum Properties, the State of WV's and The City of Bridgeport to engage their Partnered Northern Front Endeavors. However, Platinum Properties Western Front, (Agreement Area), worsened. So, I spent considerable time forwarding Platinum Properties Managing Attorneys Three Contractor Estimates for Lateral Support Walls and images of Three Current Lateral Support Walls. I also forwarded an Engineering Proposal, and they had their own Engineer's begging proposal. They ignored all.


The Agreement Area - All Goes Sideways   Bucking Building February 26, 2007   July  13, 2007 Engineering Report

Building 109 & 113 Platinum Drive's roof downspouts shared an restrictive 6 inch underground drainage line. A bottleneck, which allowed the roofs of both 109 & 113 Platinum Drive to be used as Retention Ponds. An intricate engineering endeavor that was based on locust post grid fence for lateral support. However, said endeavor possessed one fatal flaw. Building 109 Platinum Drive had been partially placed over a westerly located, ending edge of a coal seam. Coal does not like water.

Platinum's Surface Drainage had been flowing over onto our property for some time.
However, Platinum's underground roof drainage system was also ruptured. So, Platinum's underground drainage was also being Pumped Into our property as well.

Again, a Locust Post Grid Fence Support Wall is not a good idea to most. Especially, when it is suffering the above. Additionally, Platinum Properties did not heed the advice to keep large garbage trucks from the rear area of 109 & 113 Platinum Drive until their engineered Locust Post Grid Fence Lateral Support Wall was permanently addressed.

The unhindered garbage trucks
compacted the loose fill lot area and everything else underground. They crushed the 6 inch underground drainage line, and Platinum's roof drainage met the crushed area. So, their roof drainage traveled backwards toward its source area; 109 & 113 Platinum Drive. 109 Platinum Drive partially sat on a coal seam. Coal does not like water and swells in protest. Thus; by late 2006, building 109 Platinum Drive was suffering another upheaval.

In February of 2007, Platinum's contractors open up the collapsed 6 inch underground drainage line. Pent up drainage is released. My recently widowed Aunt reports it, and such could not be hidden anymore.

Our then Engineer, in the most polite and agreeable fashion, hints & alludes to the above in his report on the right.

A physician had advised us to abandon our home, to let the Partners win. If we ended up in a small home with our health, we would be far better off. He also did not want me to re-injure myself for the welfare of those in the community that believed in my year’s earlier documented medical miracle. You inspired so many. Don't let them down; Added duress. We not only had our finances at risk, but our past, present and future, along with the reputation of the State of WV (that our foreign friends had been touting), as well. Nevertheless; the physical efforts to save all, resulted in re-injury.

Rule of Law Capitalism - It Takes A Hit, Recovers and Is Immediately Taken Down Again.

2007: Our longtime visitor, and America's Un-official, but highly successful Foreign Public Relation's Man was curious and wanted to again see the Platinum Properties original Locust Post Grid Fence area. He could not believe the constructive attempts that were taking place were even allowed, yet alone the original construction.

He stated; in Germany when someone wants to build a structure, they first get approval from the adjoining landowners. Once construction begins, if something is wrong, the local authority would stop work until it is corrected. If something like this occurred, a judge would order the building torn down and the fill removed. The role of attorneys were mentioned. He stated, Germany also has attorneys; attorneys would not matter in such a situation. This is America.

The contradictions were too great and the promotion of West Virginia's business potential ended with a thud. All the time, work and finance we put forth to accommodate this potential was adrift and likely over. However, in October 2011, Hope Reappeared. Prominent European Business Interest in Clarksburg WV was kindled. Then it was crushed by the subsequent actions of Bridgeport Managing Attorneys.

"We Greet Our American Friends"

  The initial aid extended by various West Virginians to foreign travelers in 2003 sparked personal friendships with those whose life experiences and international acquaintances created a rare opportunities to put WV in a positive light. Our home in West Virginia had become a focal point of international interest, our family viewed representative of our State. We would listen as our friend would glowingly describe West Virginia's beauty along with the cultural aspects, (his favorite part, the people), and it's hidden potential.

Their later guidance in diplomacy led to follow up missives that expressed regards from some of the people we met during our European travels:

They want to know when the Americans are coming back. "... You have represented your country well ---
Some have never seen Americans before, (Eastern Europe).


Law Firm Jackson & Kelly and Cincinnati Insurance Company's Attorneys created a 2005 Agreement. An Agreement to construct a legitimate lateral support wall and to remove their drainage off of our property area and redirect the drainage back to its original Southerly direction by September of 2005. The Agreement was fraudulent.

As such; drainage induced upheavals at coal seam placed 109 Platinum Drive occurred. In December of 2007 contractor reactionaries led to an event that re-routed Platinum's drainage in an opposite (Society Effecting) Northerly direction. For U.S Route 50 and other Northerly and Westerly located entities, drainage induced collapse and hardships from this Point Forward.

December 9, 2007


March of 2008 - Alleged Conflict of Interest

Within a few months of the above, missives over another development appears in a Harrison County Weblog. While a sentimental Attorney and native Bridgeportonian appears to question those who are manipulating her hometown of Bridgeport. A private citizen has another Attorney file a Writ to compel the City of Bridgeport toward an action and alleging conflict of interest. One would be labeled a trouble maker, another enters government; Nevertheless, a record.  

2009 Proximate

Many stalwart souls had attempted to assist us since 2003. However, they were correct to back away after Platinum Properties Drainage Devastated McDonalds, Pizza Hut, and U.S Route 50. For as the drainage, unanswerably devastated everything in its path, "They" would have figuratively devastated anyone in Their Path. For instance; A young State Road Supervisor and a head-nodding Thrasher Engineer attempted to literally hold my elderly father responsible for all. Nonetheless, my subsequent conversation with McDonalds Corporate and their Attorney/s expeditiously ended the scheme. Though he was never mentioned again, McDonalds Corporate would later mention their ire with the above Platinum Properties, the drainage dumping area that was constructed and / or by Platinum Properties, The City of Bridgeport and Thrasher Engineering.

July 28, 2011 - Public Notifications

By February of 2010, I had presented my findings to a Lawmaker (new laws) and overall developmental drainage concerns to the Harrison County Commission. Nothing came out of either.

By July of 2011, an Attorney had informed us that the failing Corpening Drive retention pond's drainage and sediment release was effecting his access road. News articles had been published of Delegate Manchin's Request for input on new laws and Environmental Activist Kennedy's Call for Federal Intervention over issues, that would be similar to the later concerns of then Senator Jay Rockefeller.

It appeared, time had caught up. So, on July 28, 2011, I placed my 2003 - 2008 findings and my future concerns in the public domain. Thus; I had found a way to honor the DEP Agent's request. Ten days later, a Storm Occurs. Three months later, an Engineering / Legal Professional arrives and I find out that more are going to suffer.

October of 2011 - This Is Not American Engineering

October of 2011: A Jesuit educated, tenured Professional arrives. He is mesmerized by The State Of West Virginia's, The City of Bridgeport's & Platinum Properties Partnered Endeavor: "This Is Not American Engineering." Why had "They" removed a forest out of massive lateral support slope? His concerns are noted over the long abandoned retention pond and its extreme design inadequacies. He informs me that I should have been paying closer attention and intervened sooner. (We were in Italy in May of 2005, when the Partners engaged it). He viewed my societal status as one that needed to protect those located easterly of the slope area. For those of weaker standing were going to pay the price, and they would.

Realities: Platinum Drive - U.S Route 58 To Fellowship Bible Church


For Those Of Weaker Standing...    
Emergency vehicles are noted on the easterly located US Route 58 at 7:38 PM on July 12, 2013. (Fourth Image, Above Right). Another accident occurs hours later on the same highway: "5 Taken to United Hospital Center After Accident in Bridgeport".

Messages are received the following day. A vehicle had been washed away and a new wing of a church had four inches of mud in its new lower level. The plaintiff points to Platinum Properties, The State of WV's and City of Bridgeport's Developmental Extension.
 News Coverage News Coverage Image Map
U.S Route 50 and its adjoining and adjacent areas began experiencing extensive drainage damage by October of 2003. However news coverage did not begin until February of 2007. Though most news organizations stayed within set parameters, WBOY did not.


March of 2012 - A Message

March of 2012: A message is received from the Professional. The Engineering Plans for the Taxpayer Funded Support Slope and Retention Pond, had not been followed in any regard. End of Message.

March of 2012 - Engineering Summaries

1): The State of West Virginia's Buchart Horn Engineered Massive Lateral Support Slope and Retention Pond was now a confirmed Major Debacle. 2): Thrasher Engineering's 109 and 113 Platinum Drive Lateral Support Debacle, was a Matter of Record and 3): Terradon Engineering's later 2007 repair of Thrasher Engineering's original Platinum Drive Debacle, had been viewed Banana Republic in its allowances.

These Engineering Debacles possessed one common denominator. All were based on the concentrated encroachments and / or use of our property.

So, this wasn't about creating new laws, nor about adding new regulations. It was something all together different. A then epiphany, which possessed little time for anyone to digest.

April of 2012 - Gave No Quarter


April 9, 2012: A Clarksburg Exponent news article (far left) appears to transfer responsibility for the Large Slope and Retention Pond at the feet of the late Milan Puskcar and Parry Petroplus. After the News Article, It was acknowledged that "They" put in on us and gave us no quarter, to let bygones be bygones. A request to meet Bridgeport's City Mayor and City Manager would follow. The current Mayor, who was also an attorney, was facing potential criminal and civil charges. I Refuse To Meet.

April 20, 2012; The Federal Government arrives in WV, (article left). Within months, they address a microcosm in Mingo County. A man had met with some officials and took their advice. He ended up in jail. The Federal Government intervenes and the man was released from Prison. A Federal Judge, A Prosecutor, A Chief Magistrate and A Commissioner Took His Place.

In short order, the State of West Virginia, The City of Bridgeport and Platinum Properties separate. Millions of Taxpayer Dollars would be re-termed a Conduit Transfer, placed in a Debt note and punted to the Milan Puskar Trust. Multiple LLC's become involved, as managerial/s transfer to Phoenix Group LLC. (Possible moves to avoid punitive damages, which would have involved all Partnered Parties).

Area Map - Repetitive Drainage Damages

The Map bellows illustrates all the areas that were hit by damaging drainage throughout the years. Many areas were hit repeatedly. Some were hurt and sent to the hospital.

August of 2012 - Revealed Natural Needs
Pyle Auctions' August 31, 2012 Auction Flyer

Within a few months of the Federal Government's arrival, Real Estate Auction Signs would appear along U.S Route 50 & Corpening Drive. An August 31, 2012 Auction flyer, whereas 80 + or - Acres was topographically highlighted for sale, is noted on the right.

However, the accesses and the red highlighted area were wrong. The highlighted area included parcels of (74.75 Acres) ( 49.38 Acres) and a remainder (30 to 40 acres). So, about 160 total Acres.


The Auctions occurs and an owner of Platinum Properties calls in and puts forth his willingness to work with any purchaser. All attendees are informed that the only viable access to the Auction Property/s was located between a singular existing building and the State of West Virginia's, The City of Bridgeport's and Platinum Properties' Massive lateral support slope.

No Sale, as the bids did not come near the potentials of a long rumored, developmental finished $500,000 an acre.

It also appeared, that our filled in valley area would bridge into the commercially in-accessible "160 Acre" Auction properties. Thus; we owned the can't get from A to C, without going through B properties.

But where would the fill come from?

Of Note

By 2014, we had been told that we would be sitting good in "Ten Years". That the large Mountainous Areas (image right) that currently separates the Eastpointe Development from Platinum Drive would be taken down in the future and our valley filled in. Now we knew where the fill would come from.

Eastpointe to Platinum Drive's adjoining properties, along with our filled in property area, would supply major commercial acreage. All of which, would bridge into the aforementioned 160 Acre Auction Area Properties. Making all Commercially Accessible. A future bridge, over the Westerly located Route 58, would also be of note. 


It was common knowledge that the next area of Metropolitan growth was going to be between the Southerly located City of Clarksburg and the Northerly located City of Morgantown, WV.

"When finished, one will not be able to tell where one city began or the other ended". That is some growth.

However, unbeknownst to us and many others: The North to South area was just one, howbeit topographically restrictive, opportunity. The other wide open juggernaut lay West to East.

Consider; The now termed: "Keys to the Kingdom Property". The can't get from A to C, without going through B Properties.

Properties that also adjoin an established, however static.(Eastpointe Business Park Phase II; Image Right).

Properties that will save, that which has already been developed.

Properties, that are sorely needed for overall area drainage redesign.

Properties, whose strategic location, is the only way to allow for  massive, yet safe developmental expansion.

With the above stated; its all about location. So, view a Developmental Opportunity that is truly "Good for the People" and the Investors.

With the above stated: (O
ur property is now for sale:) The only stipulation. All current lessees will be honored.

Contact us at 828-215-1863 or at ajlacaria@gmail.com

If you are more comfortable with a Realtor, let me know and I will provide his name.

Site Overview Corrections

  Revealed Man - Made Needs

  In addition to Natural Needs, The City of Bridgeport, Platinum Properties and the State of West Virginia have also "priced in" Unnatural Man-Made needs. Some of which reveal:

The long term viability of 109 and 113 Platinum Drive, depends on the further acquisition of our property.

The long term viability and safe use of the Taxpayer Created Large CityNet Lateral Support Slope, depends on the further acquisition of our property.

Overall area drainage redesign, depends on the further acquisition of our property.

4) Drainage relief and redesign for Route 58 and U.S. Route 50, (The George Washington Turnpike), depends on the further acquisition of our property.

Area Overview

The images below provide a feel for the area, Interstate 79 & U.S Route 50's traffic levels and flow patterns. The couple with my wife were well known in various parts of the world. The man maintained his decades of International business contacts. Though his interest dimmed for the lack of the Rule of Law; the Federal Government arrived in 2012 and the Rule of Law and Property Rights have improved greatly





Within a few months of the Federal Government's arrival, an associate and I uncover
newly created Tax Map 33B.
A Map, whereas one of our focal property parcels, along with all governmental and private property parcels, had been moved to the Jurisdiction of the City of Clarksburg, WV. (July 8, 2012 Jurisdictional Changes - Image Right).

An Uproar

Six months after the above discovery, Frank Lacaria notices a situation which leads to a re-opening of an earlier June of 2007 PSC Complaint. However, the recent Map 33B Jurisdictional moves impacts the original PSC Complaint area. One side is now under the Jurisdiction of the City of Clarksburg. The other side still in the City of Bridgeport. (February 2013 PSC Image, Bottom Right).

The Cross-Jurisdictional PSC Complaint is re-opened and the response is immediate. All Jurisdiction is transferred back to the City of Bridgeport and political hell breaks loose. The back transfer
of the developmental and private properties to the City of Bridgeport's jurisdiction took the DMV (WV Department of Motor Vehicles) with it. The DMV is not located in Clarksburg WV anymore. An uproar ensues.

      A Governor is called in. The DMV is officially Transferred back to and Re-Integrated into the planned WV State Office Building that is being located in downtown Clarksburg, WV

Thus; A second wave of re-engineering dollars is engaged. Dollars needed to reintegrate the DMV back into the planned downtown Clarksburg WV State Office building.

PSC - Stabilities

During their investigate process, the PSC rules that the stability of the ground a utility resides on, is the responsibility of the landowner. In this case, December of 2006 Quit Claimed Platinum Leasing. A Transfer, which occurs in December of 2006, when 109 & 113 Platinum Drive were in the processes of dealing with their then structural, utility effecting upheavals. 

Once the PSC closed our Utility Safety Complaint, I forwarded my final letter to the Public Services Commission of West Virginia on October 19, 2013.
Excerpts From Said Final Letter of October 19, 2013

"We all can agree that two recent events shed light on the importance of education, geological and structural integrity..."

The Recent Gas Explosion in Follansbee (October 11, 2013) obliterated a home and killed an eleven year old girl and..."

"The Gas Line Explosion in Sissonville (December 11, 2012) that melted a highway and destroyed homes ... In this case; Human Life Appears To Have Been Devalued".

  Within two days of said letter; A Gas Line Explosion occurs in Pennsboro, WV on October 21, 2013. A citizen is killed and authorities cannot decide the cause.

A few days later, a news anchor ends the confusion when she vividly describes witness accounts of seeing Big Blue Flames. (Natural Gas Burns Blue). The official cause is then reported as Natural Gas.

Stabilities, Utilities & Safety

In Normal Situations: Utility Companies will relocate their large utility lines to address ground Instabilities. If there are no property areas for utility/s to relocate to, the utilities would simply shut off their lines until the landowner corrects his support instabilities. It's all about safety. Thus; the ground in which a utility resides is the responsibility of the landowner. However, the responsibility of protecting the Public resides with the Utility.

Example: Though not officially a utility; Petroleum Development Corporation took action in regards to a 2004 Miss Utility Line Verification. (PDC shut their Gas Line off. But never went back).


The Abnormal

The 109 & 113 Platinum Drive's (man-made) situation/s were abnormal. Pressurized / Explosive Utilities were directly placed in, or covered over by a man-made endeavor. All was openly and notoriously supported by a generational landowner's locust post grid fence line. A lateral support, that was engaged and overseen by a Developer, City and an Engineering Firm.

With the above stated; Though such construction and utility negligence (later referred to as criminal) is never allowed to occur, the above scenario's existence would be defended by a host of direct and in-direct managing attorneys.

2006 History


By mid 2006, a tenured State Road Contractor had informed us that he could construct a "State Road Quality" Lateral Support Wall and divert all of Platinum Properties drainage back to the rear of building 109 Platinum Drive. He also noted the explosive potentials that the City of Bridgeport's High Pressure Water Line poses; (July 5, 2007 Engineering Report on Right).

As such, Platinum Properties Locust Post Lateral Grid Support Wall would stay in place. Once the State Road Quality Lateral Support Wall was finished, Platinum's Locust Post Support Wall would then be absorbed. Platinum Properties didn't want the input of the State Road Contractor or any other offers of assistance.

2007 - All Goes Sideways

February of 2007; A widowed Aunt notified authorities at the City of Bridgeport WV of something amiss. All of which, pointed to the upper area of 109 and 113 Platinum Drive. The exact area whereas the Platinum Properties, The City of Bridgeport and Thrasher Engineering allowed a locust post grid fence line to laterally support the development's underground (some explosive) utilities and two buildings. The same exact area, that Law Firm Jackson & Kelly's 2005 Agreement, was to have corrected by September of 2005.

February of 2007: A Jackson & Kelly Attorney was appointed to the (PSC) Commission "... He previously served as a Manager and Member in the Business Law Department of Jackson & Kelly, PLLC ...focusing on public utilities and business and commercial transactions". An appointment, which fell a few months After 109 Platinum Drive's late 2006 upheavals, and a few months Before a June 2007 PSC Utilities Complaint was filed that addressed the support instabilities of Platinum's underground utility laden area.

A 2007 PSC Complaint

  A June of 2007 PSC Complaint results in Platinum Properties address-ment of their Utility laden, Lateral Support area. However, as with all past endeavors; No other landowners were notified. In August of 2007, Platinum Properties engages their so called "Engineering Repair".

Fearfully wide eyed contractors were turned loose. They dug at the hill. The one thing the Tenured 2006 State Road Contractor said not to do.

By December of 2007, the unguided youth would create conditions that veers massive drainage and destroys large areas of Bridgeport, WV.

July 8, 2012 Jurisdictional Changes
February of 2013 - PSC

July 5 2007 Engineering Report



1980's Utility Dangers - A Background

Structural Hazards:
I was a 19 year old lineman and about 65 feet up on a telephone pole. Two senior linemen are using a large line truck to pull up a long length of steel runner cable through an upper metal guide. The steel runner cable catches on a boulder on my left side, holding it down. I yell for the other lineman to stop, but they did not hear me. The metal guide breaks and the steel runner cable drops down across me. In slow agonizing motion they tightened up a very long section of cable across me. They finally stop when they felt the line truck strain. Once the other lineman realize what had occurred, they reverse the pulling action. I am then swung around the telephone pole. My right hook came out; the other hook was locked deep in the pole from the stressors. On paper, the angles and pull strains should have broken both my legs backwards and wiped me down the pole.

Electrical Hazards: Days later; I receive an electrical shock. The telephone pole area tests positive for electricity. The Power Company is called. The power lines are 35.5 KV inverted. Which means; the positive and negative power lines are reversed. The clearance, or buffer zone, from the closest bottom power line is 96 inches. We had been working, within 30 inches of the bottom positive power line. Extremely dangerous, as electricity jumps, or arcs, to the shortest path to ground; be it metal or man. In addition to mentors, I start studying technical specs, from this point forward. As such is not going to happen to me or anyone else again. A habit, I would engage throughout my career and life; wherever it took me.

The above situations occurred long before LLC's were created, the latter devaluations to human life and the gaming effects that legal mindsets groomed into LLC's. Nevertheless; there are other dangers inherent to all public and private infrastructures. For Instance. Aerial Utilities are dependent on proper clearances, ground and support structures. The danger to workers and the public is injury or fatalities from falling structures and / or electrocution. Buried utilities are dependent on proper ground support. The prominent dangers are explosions, along with further ground movements and collapse, all of which lead to other initial or additional explosions.

Utilities - An Observed Worst Case - 109 Platinum Drive To City of The Bridgeport

Combined Structural & Electrical Hazards: A Regional Data Company branches out and places a metal strand and fiber optic cable from 109 Platinum Drive to the City of Bridgeport. It is one of the worst cases of (man-made) non-supportive structural placements and electrical hazard potentials that I had ever encountered. To avoid conflicts of interest, I remove myself from all Verizon Interactions for the overall area and turn it over to others.

I was later informed that a Verizon Supervisor had received political pressure to allow the company to leave their constructs in place, (unheard of). However, all was removed after the Verizon supervisor requested a signed paper relieving him of all liabilities.

An example of electrical hazards is located on the left: Verizon Technician Electrocuted, Set Aflame

Utilities - Proactive Structural Intervention - 109 & 113 Platinum Drive

    Alleghany Engineering staked a pole line in Platinum Properties so called "Engineered" Slip Repair. I notified Alleghany Engineers, who were unnerved, as the client never told them. In addition, the lack property area had led to an in-excess of parameters design. Nevertheless; the client's Managing Attorney wanted to know why I intervened. So, I sent him a note:

"As to the repair; a slope of rubble and fill, a design that was not reviewed by the City of Bridgeport Engineering Department or any other engineering firm for concurrence before the instigation of the repair work. No other agency, organization or adjoining landowners were involved for review. Though the area may be aesthetically pleasing, the long term viability of the structural integrity is questionable. It is imprudent to place any other utility structure in this area. It would be especially reckless to knowingly allow a utility, whose structural integrity and design strength is based on the stability of the ground on which it is set, to be placed in this area".

Utility - Reported Structural Fatalities

  CLARKSBURG, W.Va. — Collapse of Two Cell Phone Towers  The U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety & Health Administration is investigating the Collapse of Two Cell Phone Towers that killed three men Saturday morning near Summit Park. OSHA spokeswoman Leni Fortson told The Exponent Telegram Sunday that the agency is concerned about an alarming increase in the number of injuries and fatalities on communication tower work sites.

The above story sheds light on the importance of stable ground and / or proper infrastructure.

Utility - Explosions - Property Ownership Points to Platinum Drive

Worker Remover Tress, Do Earth Work for New LED Billboard on U.S Route 50 By Jeff Toquinto on July 21, 2014

At this time last week, one lane of U.S. Route 50 East, below the intersection with Emily Drive near the Home Depot Plaza intersection was blocked off as earth and trees were being cleared.

As it turns out, the trees weren’t being removed due to concerns with them interfering with overhanging power wires. Recently, the City of Bridgeport issued a building permit to Lamar Advertising for a project on the property. The property will be used to erect another LED billboard sign that will be visible heading to motorists on U.S. Route 50
The permit was for $10,900. According to the permit, the property is actually owned by Morgantown-based Petroplus Properties. It’s the same company that owns the land along Platinum Drive, where several businesses – including the Department of Motor Vehicles is located