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Medical Tourism

Years earlier, I suffered an unfortunate non-surgical site staph infection. I made it through, and after addressing the post surgical complications, I would be informed that I had not only overturned the diagnosis's from some of the world's most prestigious medical institutions. I also held on to all, as most men would have lost everything.

Seven years later, I engaged in extreme physical efforts and in the process, I reinjured myself. Though my pain free existence ended, in late 2010 I received positive medical intervention and was on cloud nine. Weeks later, I was rear-ended in my German friend's Mercedes. It was all downhill after that.

Facing limited choices, we looked Internationally and narrowed our choice down to a Neurosurgeon who had reconstructed a complete spine in a living human being. A choice, which was confirmed by a regional health official who encouraged us with the missive; new medical technologies come from Germany.

So our course was set. We were headed to Europe.

Europe - 2014

Saturday May 10, 2014; Our trip this time is a surgical appointment with a German Neurosurgeon. After much research we came to the conclusion that this surgeon would be the best for us. (Granddaughter Raelin seeing us off before our flight to Germany)
The Neurosurgeon also created an Artificial Disc Replacement with the most proven results and has performed over 5000 implants with no infections.  (Granddaughter Eva seeing us off before our flight to Germany)
Though the plane ride seemed long, we found London's Heathrow Airport lacking.
We arrived in Munich on Sunday, May 11th at 9:30 A.M. We easily found our luggage and then passed through the doors to meet our waiting friends. To be together again; what a blessing they have been in our lives.

We were off to Bogen, Germany. Bogen is a village in the district of Straubing-Bogen in Bavaria Germany and is located between the southern slopes of the Bavarian Forest and the Danube River

(We stopped to eat at Gasthof Scheuenpflug, Dreifaltigkeitsberg; Say that fast three times).

A view of the Danube and countryside from our hospital
We checked in at Pension Schreiber and slept for three or four hours.
After we woke up our friends met us at a local restaurant. We enjoyed old world charm and some wine and beer of course. The pork was very good.
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