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 2010 - 2012   
Examination & Documentation  - October 2011

In October of 2011 a multi-degreed Engineering Professional, with a resume inclusive to multiple Topographies and Forms of Government,
examined and documented tracts of commercial / governmental partnered properties.

A Large Overview Plat is Provided

Area A

The rear area of Building 109 Platinum Drive (illustrated right), was examined and documented.  

The developer's statement of allowance was provided. An observation referencing a Societal Breakdown was the response.

Area B

A Taxpayer Funded Massive Slope and Retention Pond was extensively examined and documented. An initial observation found:

"The slope is too steep and it will never stop deteriorating".

He asked; Was there a forest here before?  Yes, (2003 Image Below)

"This Is Not American Engineering" is the response.

Timeline Images

WV Department Of Motor Vehicles, (Bottom Right) 109 & 113 Platinum Drive, (Buildings Left)  

Corpening Drive Slope & Retention Pond



Engineering Plans

Our Engineer views the Partnerís endeavors as a mess. However, a situation he would assist in correcting. Searches for site specific engineering plans would take us to various Governmental offices. Clarksburg WV garners perspectives on unique remodeling with wishes he had more time to look the city over as to purchase a building.

Later in the day; A Bridgeport City Engineer confirms that he h
as the Engineering plans and promises them within two days. 
The City of Bridgeport then does not provide the Engineering Plans, instead offering their Partner CityNetís Engineering Plans instead. A Freedom of Information Request for said Engineering Plans is then forwarded to the the City of Bridgeport. The City ignores the request.

A Freedom of Information Request is then forwarded to two Senators and a Governor. The engineering plans were received 18 days later. 
However the damage was done. The Professional viewed such delay tactics clandestine; they were hiding something. Dynamics change. The delayed engineering plans push his review out to early 2012.

March 2012

We receive a message from Germany in Late March of 2012: The Engineering Plans for the slope and retention pond were not followed in any regard." End of Message.

The message explains the reason for the open and notorious structural defects. The Original Area that a Regulatory agency drove Platinum Properties away from before, had been revisited. However, this time with the City of Bridgeport, The State of West Virginia and Millions of Taxpayer Dollars.

A stabilizing forest then succumbed to a governmental / partnered endeavors. The project engineering plans were completely disregarded and a structurally deficient support slope and storm drainage system was one result. Outrageous and quite obvious to any average member of any community. However, this time more encompassing; geographically and geo-politically.

Overview Maps

On April 9, 2012

On April 9, 2012 a local newspaper published an article, (shown on the right). (The article's ambiguous location appears to have inadvertently fogged the area's location). Nevertheless; the articles reports confusion over the costs of cosmetic repairs to a support slope and storm drainage retention system. A Subject That Was Broached In 2007. Also, a City's plan to transfer overall liability to their business partner, Platinum Properties.

March Of 2014 

A Politician / Realtor, myself and a few others view the 113 & 109 Platinum Drive area. We then travel over to the above illustrated CityNet Earthen Support Slope where the Realtor's attention was immediately transfixed on the Retention Pond. Eventually he gathering himself. He is fixated for a long period of time as he repeats: "Drainage Has To Be Taken Back The Other Way." He then slowly changes focus.

After je mentions future plans, he is then provided a nine year old missive attributed to City of Bridgeport that illustrates the future is now. He is stunned and keeps repeating three names over and over, two of which may have been under current investigation or facing potential criminal proceedings. Like a bystander running from the scene of a crime, he leaves and we never hear from him again.

Google Earth also freezes the Bridgeport WV area at the year 2013. Google Earth imageries North, South, East,and West has had updated at least twice since. So, one of WV's growing cities does not realize that their City is eight years behind the times. So, their Realtors are hamstrung too.

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