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Preface: The following two December paragraphs and their links need to be understood. Once completed, the reader will have one thing we never had until the Autumn of 2019: The reasons why. Nevertheless, what is described on this short website was a means to an end in a long list of many that would reach around the world as my wife and I were spending our own funds representing West Virginia as a strong Rule of Law State on the International Stage.

December of 2002:
My extensive records that none in five States could touch, were touched. All had been sent to Central Shredding and Destroyed. Thus, my wife and I would have an opportunity few would ever experience in life. I went with it, however I Kept Copies & More. 

December of 2019: We're contemplating my wife's five prescription induced surgeries when a professional arrives, who asks a question we'd never thought of before. Why did my mother in law's attorney ask me to get involved after She was killed in 1987? It all had went Full Circle.

A Discovery & Meeting - December of 2002 To February of 2003


The Developers allowed a Generational Landowner's Locust Post Grid Fence to be used in the construction of a developmental endeavor.

The Developer's Lateral Support Consisted of a Loose Fill, Locust Post Grid Fence - Lateral Support Wall. A Wall that supported Two Buildings.
  Platinum Propeties

The Developer's Locust Post Grid Fence - Lateral Support Wall; Also supported multiple dangerously arranged Underground Utilities.

What is Going On? What Happened WOW

2002- 2003: I had contacted the City of Bridgeport's City Planner about the fence line area and asked: Why had the developer built their building so close to us and what about the fifty foot greenway? The COB official informed me that the area had been rezoned, thus the fifty foot greenway did not exist anymore.

I voiced concerns that the loose fill slope, that they used our fence line to support, would lead to a collapse of their property & structures. Thus; damaging ours.

He said the City of Bridgeport was in the process of entering into a partnership with Platinum Properties.

A November 2003 Video


1996 Thrasher  Pre -Development   2003 Greenleaf - Post Development


arly 2003: Platinum Properties representative Rich Lane and I inspected the Fence Line Area. He states that this should not have happened. That Platinum Properties and the City of Bridgeport were responsible. He states that he was previously a Morgantown City Planner and the Bridgeport City Planner should have made sure that this did not happen. This was the job of the City Planner.  

City Of Bridgeport's Attorney/s

I forwarded Rich Lane's observation to the Bridgeport City Planner Randy Spellman. Randy left me a voicemail  informing me that he tried to stop Platinum Properties twice. They would not stop. He then contacted the City of Bridgeport's attorney. City Of Bridgeport Attorney/s informed Randy Spellman that the City Allowed Man-Made Locust Post Grid Lateral Support Wall, (which supported two publicly placed buildings and their inherent dangerous utilities), was a landowner's issue.

Platinum Properties Attorney/s

Rich Lane called back. Platinum Properties Attorney/s informed him that Platinum Properties only obligation was the maintenance of the Locust Post Grid Lateral Support Wall. Also, their Engineers stated that if the fence line was taken down, Platinum Properties would lose their parking lot.

Attorney/s Craft A $3,000,0000.00 Partnership

Rich then stated that Platinum Properties wanted to purchase a 10' strip of land instead. I informed him that he did not need to purchase a 10' strip of our land. Just come over and fix the area. He said that's better then $30,000 dollars. He said we would meet.

Subsequent meeting over the fence line or Platinum's drainage runoff on our access road and other areas of Bridgeport WV were always re-scheduled. We never met.

However, Attorneys for the City of Bridgeport, the State of WV and Platinum Properties quietly Consummated September 8, 2003 Property Transfers and a two week later September 25, 2003 $3,000,000.00 Taxpayer funded Partnership. Rich then told us to never call him again about drainage runoff.

January 23, 2003:  Rezone - Rezone - Rezone

Platinum Properties to COB's Randy Spellman January 23, 2003 Parcel Attachment Hurry Up

The soon to be partners rezoning request occurred during the same time of my contact with the City of Bridgeport and Platinum Properties. We were not aware of this fact until December of 2007). Bear in mind; In the past our family was contacted prior to any proposed zoning changes.

The re-zoning allowed Platinum Properties to match what they had already built in the existing R3 zoning district, commercial structures; 109 and 113 Platinum Drive.


February 7, 2003 Meeting Property Plat: Platinum Properties, Ed Aman & Anthony / Valerie Lacaria